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I'm Wylea

The Stress and Anxiety Coach dedicated to helping you become the happiest version of you.

And This Is My Story

If you're here, you're probably a lot like me.

Or perhaps what I like to call "the old me".

You’re constantly worrying.

You beat yourself up after everything you say or do.

You have a bad case of the I’m not good enough’s

You always second guess yourself.

You procrastinate and don’t have the energy you need to get things done.

You probably even feel guilty when you take time to relax or say no to other people.

Yes!!! That was me!

The good news is, it doesn't have to be this way. But we'll get to that...

Funny thing is, I didn’t know I had anxiety.

It just wasn’t talked about. I grew up in a “suck it up” kind of family, so I just though that the reason I was afraid.

Stress and anxiety were with me everyday for as long as I can remember.

I would stay up at night running the day though my head over and over and over again, instead of sleeping. I felt mentally and emotionally exhausted all the time. And if I took some time to rest, I’d spend the whole time feeling guilty that I’m not getting anything done.

I came to realize I wasn’t a failure. My friends actually liked me. People at work didn’t thing I was dumb. I didn’t need to feel guilty for listening to my body and resting. And I am good enough! Smart enough. And guess what! People really liked me!

Anxiety had given me a hugely warped sense of reality.

I'd had enough!

I decided to figure my life out once and for all! I have to figure out my thinking problem. The incessant, obnoxious, ever-pervasive thoughts that WOULD NOT STOP as I lay in bed trying to sleep. I had anxiety. DUH! I spent months researching, reading, studying and experimenting. I studied Mindfulness to treat myself mind, body and spirit. To understand how everything I did and experienced was connected, and to alleviate the other fun physiological symptoms of anxiety like indigestion, nausea,  tension headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks,  – plus the  terrible short term memory. I studied psychology and counseling  and Earned my Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Counseling. I began practicing mindfulness and meditation.


I was so completely transformed that I wanted more than anything to spend the rest of my life showing others that happiness and freedom are absolutely possible.

With my background in Psychology and Counseling I became Anxiety and Stress Coach to guide you through transformation. I started studying and was trained on energy and frequency healing. I trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness and meditation to further incorporate science-based proven methods

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