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Helping Beautiful Brides Relieve Their Stress And Anxiety.

Helping Lovely Brides Manage The Wedding Stress Free!

 Hi, I’m Wylea

  • And I am here to get you down the aisle looking beautiful, stress free, feeling the happiness and peace you dreamed you would have. There are too many Brides that are stressed out and their anxiety is going through the roof. Brides are getting mentally drained and overwhelmed from family, friends and tons of lack of understanding.

    Weddings bring up a lot of feeling for a lot of Brides and their families.

    I am your guide to dissolving your stress and anxiety! Together we will work through those feelings.

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Welcome Beautiful!!

 Congratulations on your Engagement! This is Such an Exciting Time for You!

You may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed and your anxiety is through the roof. Too many Brides spend a lot of time worrying about planning for the wedding. We are here to help you overcome your worrying and help you enjoy planning for you BIG DAY.

We are here to help you stay Beautiful and Calm!

We are here to help you maintain your excitement and peace while planning for your BIG DAY. We are your experts to help you keep your Peace and Calmness during your wedding planning. Our approach is totally different than many others because we use Frequency Relaxation Techniques to help balance your emotions. Our Relaxation Techniques will help keep you peaceful, joyous, encouraged, beautify and confident in planning for your big day.

Go From Overwhelmed to Organized, Confident and Happy!  

Having Wedding Chaos?

Every thing is hitting you all at once and all of a sudden you have feelings are coming out that you didn’t see coming.

01:Being engaged has you stressed out!

02:You are nervous about your future with your fiancé.

03. Your family and friends has taken a toll on you emotionally.

04. Coming together with your fiancé as one with different cultural backgrounds has triggered overwhelming feelings..

If there was ever a time to focus on your Happiness…..

The Time is NOW!

  • Get immediate relief from being stressed out.

  • Get the ability to calm your anxiety

  • Start your marriage happy and Stress Free

  • Most Importantly Regain being Confident and Beautiful!

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